The Drinkable Book from WATER is LIFE

DDB New York and WATERisLIFE introduces “The Drinkable Book,” the first-ever Manual that teaches safe water tips and serves as a tool to kill deadly waterborne diseases – providing the reader with an opportunity to create clean, drinkable water with each page.
“The Drinkable Book” features a brand new type of paper invented by McGill University & University of Virginia chemist, Dr. Theresa Dankovich, and works like a scientific coffee filter. Each page of the book is coated with silver nanoparticles, which kill diseases like cholera, E. coli and typhoid.

“The book itself works in three easy steps. Simply tear along the perforation. Slide the filter into the 3D printed case (i.e., the book’s packaging). Pour the contaminated water through and the result is drinkable water. After passing water through the filter, there is a reduction of greater than 99.99% in bacteria count, which is comparable to tap water in the United States.

Matt Eastwood, CCO of DDB New York, commented, “The Drinkable Book’s filter paper will revolutionize water purification. It costs only pennies to produce, making it by far the cheapest option on the market. Each filter is capable of giving someone up to 30 days worth of clean water. And, each book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to one year.”

Ken Surritte, Founder of WATERisLIFE, said “A staggering 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease and, in most of the cases, the victims didn’t know the water was unsafe to drink in the first place. Therefore, ‘The Drinkable Book’ isn’t just a tool that purifies water, it teaches proper sanitation, too.” The content on each page, printed in food grade ink in both English and Swahili, educates people about safe water habits – providing life saving information, such as keeping trash and feces away from your water source.

WATERisLIFE will be distributing The Drinkable Book to villages in need as part of an integrated water, sanitation and hygiene program to save lives and transform communities.To find out how you can be a part of The Drinkable Book project email”

Loving that new solutions are emerging that can evolutionize our world!
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The Drinkable Book From WATER Is LIFE
The Drinkable Book From WATER Is LIFE

The Drinkable Book From WATER Is LIFE

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