Spanish Banks Drum Circle

About the Sunday Spanish Banks Drum Circle:
Time: Sundays 6p till sunset until September 28th
Location: Spanish Banks Beach (“Anchor” sculpture + Willow trees (last carpark before UBC (University of British Columbia))





Every summer Sunday, come out to Vancouver’s amazing (& FREE!) summer event : drum & dance! Come on out to greet the sun, surf & drumdancechums with your rhythm toys! The circle starts organically when drummers gather to make music.

Bring yourself, a picnic, your family, your friends, your pets (that don’t pee on drummers’ stuff, hey?!) but leave alcohol & smokes behind. It’s a family & community event for all – let’s keep it wonderfully blissful & respectful.

Thanks to the memory of Dido who first started this fine tradition of gathering us drumchums here in Vancouver’s Spanish Banks.

We now carry the torch (sometimes with tiki lights after the sun sets) as drummers & dancers in our large drum-dance community.

Here’s a Tribute of Thanks to all the drummers and dancers who have shared their spirit, grace & rhythm at these amazing (& FREE!) circles all these years.

Gratitude also goes out to Arthur Hull, the Grandfather of Drum Circles & all our awesome teachers & drum circle facilitators like Munki & Sarah Ncapayi, Lyle Povah, Ron Stelting, Sandi Millman, Russell Shumsky, Kesseke Yeo, Kwasi, Billy Knutson, Lulu Leathley etc. (you know who you are, eh?) who teach us, come out & make our circles sound better!

We charge the waters with our One Collective Rhythm, fill the skies with Bliss & fire the night with our Spirit!

This circle carries on for as long as the weather permits (except for the Folk Festival Sunday where drummers gather outside the gates of the festival)

So, Drum & Dance with YOU at Spanish Sunday Circle at 6pm till sunset & even later sometimes!

Love, Light and Blessings,


Spanish Banks Drum Circle

Spanish Banks Drum Circle

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