PushButton SEO WordPress Plugin

PushButton SEO WordPress Plugin

I was really happy to come across this new, state of the art,
bang up to date content optimization plugin for WordPress.

And today you can get this brand new software without charge as a thank you just for watching the video and being part of the PushButton SEO product launch.

This is not a typical, low quality untested throwaway. Ten months in development and already used by hundreds of testers who are using it on their own web sites, this is professional software designed to make it fast and simple for you to optimize your web site content. And they’ve paid a lot of attention to the recent developments with the search engines.

Where other, older system fail, PushButton SEO is designed to embrace these
changes. Advanced techniques, used by the search engines themselves
such as keyword stemming, proximity matching, word order analysis, ensure you can write the high quality, human readable content your site visitors and the search engines demand without running the risk of over-optimization.

As you may be aware, the search engines will soon be penalizing over optimized content. PushButton SEO will help you avoid those penalties.

To get your full, unrestricted copy of the PushButton SEO Analyzer follow these simple instructions:

1. Go here to get the plugin.

2. Download the plugin by right clicking the prominent link on the
page and selecting Save As…

This will save the plugin to you local hard drive. Try to remember
which folder you have saved it to because you’ll need the file later.
It’s probably best to just save it to your desktop so it is easy to
find. This is a ZIP (compressed) file. You DO NOT need to unzip
(uncompress) it.

3. Now login to your WordPress blog as the administrator.

4. In the menu options on the left of your administration dashboard
select Plugins -> Add New

5. Now select the Upload link at the top of the page. This will
allow you to buy cheap cialis site espharmacycom select drug screening for cialis the ZIP file you just saved. Do this by clicking
the Choose File button and navigating to the folder where you saved
the ZIP file. Double click the file to select it.

6. Back in the WordPress, your file should now be selected so just
click Install Now to install the plugin. Wait a few moments and you
should see a success message containing an Activate link. Click this
link to activate the plugin.

7. Once activated you should see a new menu option in your left hand
menu that reads PushButton SEO. Click this to go to the
PushButton SEO General Settings screen.

8. PushButton SEO needs and activation code to unlock it before you
can start using it. This will have been sent to you in a separate email.
Go and find that email (sometimes you may need to check in your junk
mail folder just in case it has been placed there in error).

9. Copy your activation code and paste it into the activation form on
the PushButton SEO General Settings screen. Be careful to copy the
code exactly. Now hit the Save Settings button and that’s it…

PushButton SEO should be activated and ready to go.

Unfortunately this won’t work on an Empower Network blog as we  can’t add our own plugins the platform but this is great for any other WordPress blog you have. I do recommend setting up your own personal blog in addition to the Empower Network blog anyway to increase your reach and link back and forth.

PushButton SEO WordPress Plugin

All the best for your SEO success,
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PushButton SEO

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