Here are comments from some of Adrian’s clients:


“Dear Adrian, Oh my, thank you for such an amazing experience tonight ~ what wonderfully blissful massage! I appreciate your exquisite being, your kindness, and your loving tenderness. You are seriously skilled with your alignment bodywork, so much better than chiropractor… my hip is back in place ~ with gratitude! It felt wonderful to be touched with such consideration. Your incredible gift is so gentle, deep, and smooth. You really know each muscle, and put so much passion, in your love for the work that you do. It feels so honouring to have each body part revered, with the attention you give. I was left feeling like I was floating on a cloud! Blessings, Sahara”

Sahara Exodus
Initiated Tantric, High Priestess
Ordained Shamanic MMI Minister
Author . Speaker . Psychic . Healer

A great big huge thank you for your wonderful massage last night. I woke up if the first few moments almost trying to figure out where I was – my body felt so different. This feeling of spaciousness and no pain! It was a feeling of deliciousness that I could just breathe into. My breath was deeper and more relaxed, hips more open, chest open and when I stood up, my hands fell to the sides of my body where they are naturally supposed to be instead of hanging out in front of my thighs. My neck is free and full of mobility. I couldn’t believe one session could have such a dramatic effect. I am very grateful for your presence and intuitive sense and willingness to not only touch into the pain and blockages but to stay with it till it moves.
In deep appreciation and gratitude,

“Adrian! I’m still floating on a cloud. Every cell in my being feels loved up and relaxed. I am so grateful for your special energy!!!!!!!”

Spirit Love   Professional Makeup Artist

“For the past 20 years, Adrian Armstrong has been my go to Guru whenever I crave for relaxation, a sore body and a back that is out. He has mindful hands with the lightest healing touch yet firm enough to melt my sore muscles and wise enough to align my achy bones. In this past year and a half I discovered that he is not only an amazing healer with his hands, his gentle being is WISE. He has coached me though many full moons where I get exceptionally emotional, even mid life crisis comes right back sometimes. Every time I speak to him I feel enlightened with a different point of view. He really isn’t normal. He thinks like no other, it’s a matter of fact and straight forward. So honest, so true, so real. Thank you Adrian for being there for me in times I truly need you. I have transformed in many ways since then and I truly have you to thank.”

Mona Leung  Owner Markus J Hair and Wellness

Adrian’s intuitive massage was and still is the best holistic experience I have had in terms of a massage. Having experienced the difference between rmts and Adrian’s intuitive hands, I have felt the difference when one is guided purely by the heart and my body had not felt so relaxed in years. There was no residual pain from the massage/pressure, I was in body bliss. Not only does he make the experience very comfortable and personal, he is very professional and attentive to my needs as the client. I am confident to share his services with those dearest to me because I know they will be taken care of physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thank you Adrian ”

Jocelyn Lee  Koi Chi Healing

“Just received an amazing massage, brain balancing and energy healing from Adrian Armstrong. For those of you who are on a spiritual path and appreciate the skillfulness of a real healer, and enjoy subtle energy work along with attuned bodywork, I can’t recommend Adrian highly enough. I feel balanced, clear and calmly energized.”

Christina Niven Yoga Instructor

“I have enjoyed many professional massages from masseurs and masseuses worldwide, and I can say without hesitation that the sessions I have with Adrian always score a 10! If you want your body to feel healed, relaxed, renewed and honoured, make an appointment with Adrian and make time for yourself.”

Dr. Kala H. Kos (PhD.) seminar leader and author of
‘The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success’

“I enjoyed Adrian’s style of bodywork and massage. My body felt profoundly respected and nurtured by his gentle touch, and I felt very relaxed and integrated after the massage. Adrian has an admirable sensitivity and energetic refinement that makes the quality of his bodywork exceptional.”

Richelle Jarrell, editor and personal assistant to international
speaker and Ayurvedic teacher Jeffrey Armstrong


Massage is beneficial on many levels and for many conditions.
There is much empirical evidence* to support the claim that massage:

* can help reduce the symptoms of stress
* is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain
* strengthens the immune system and promotes healing
* is helpful in reducing headache pain
* is helpful in reducing neck and back pain
* relieves sore or aching muscles
* helps increase oxygen flow to the body
* increases endorphin levels in the brain
* can alleviate sleep disorders
* can be helpful in treating symptoms of anxiety and depression

*Moyer, C.A., Rounds, J., & Hannum, J.W. (2004). A Meta-Analysis of massage research. Psychological Bulletin, 130 (1), 3-18.

*Rich, G.J. (2002). Massage: The evidence for practice. Elsevier Science.


Make time for yourself

Adrian prefers to book his clients for a 90 minute massage for full benefit, but longer or shorter appointments are available depending on your requirements.

All Adrian’s massage equipment is portable so you only need to provide the time and space and the massage will be brought to you or if you prefer you can also go to him.

A massage usually begins with a gentle alignment procedure to ensure that your body is balanced (Please read the alignment page for more information).

Please contact Adrian directly to make an appointment.


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