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What is involved in an alignment?

An alignment involves a hands on gentle touch procedure. Many clients experience an immediate difference in energy level and a physical difference in their bodies. Some describe feeling stronger, more ‘level,’ or more balanced. Although for some clients, stress relief is immediate and profound, for others, it is a more subtle sense of energy awareness and inner peace.

Each of us is a bio-energtic system. Every atom of our being is a vibrating oscillator. Oscillators entrain with other oscillators. Stress, particularly an on-going, unrelieved stress state, disturbs normal oscillation and results in chaos throughout the system.

The Alignment Process is a brief pattern-interrupt that allows the wisdom within to re-access and re-group. This momentary dis-entrainment allows an almost instant re-entrainment. Stressed oscillators regain their unstressed oscillation and greater homeostasis becomes immediately apparent.

In a very real way it’s about binding back to one’s source power, inspiration and wisdom. It’s about reconnecting the physical with the spiritual.

Here are comments from some of Adrian’s clients:

“I am so grateful that Adrian is available in Vancouver, as I have found regular alignments to be one of the powerful tools I use to keep me in balance. I lead a dynamic life as an author, yoga teacher and clothing designer, and alignments help to stabilize my moods, increase my feelings of health and wellness, simplify my thinking and decision making and turn dysfunction into function. Adrian’s extensive knowledge of the body through massage and other healing modalities makes him the ideal person to help others achieve a state of balance.”

Amrita Sondhi, entrepreneur and author
of “The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook”

“As a professional dancer, it is essential that my body be healthy and balanced. Dancing is physically stressful and I sometimes feel that I am out of alignment or ‘crooked’. I have tried a variety of practitioners and treatments with little success. Adrian’s gentle, but powerful alignment technique is the best thing I have found to relieve my headache pain, the pain in my neck and hip joints, and to release the tension I often experience after dancing.”

Michelle, professional dancer

“I want to tell you all about the almost miracle that Adrian Armstrong did for me… amazing results for a 5 minute adjustment, no kidding… my right leg was 1 and a 1/2 inches longer, hence, all kinds of injuries on my left side (blown knee, bad ankle sprain, very sore, limited range of motion in my neck) All are now negligible, plus my knee is more solid than I can remember (used to wear a knee brace sometimes when doing sports or cycling). Also my foot doesn’t hurt any more, which was very sore for 6 months (from taking too much pressure after the ankle sprain last year) This is all pretty incredible, to think of the turnaround on 4 uncomfortable or painful body problems (they are all close 90-100% better), and I really wouldn’t believe it, if I hadn’t experienced it. I have dealt with these things for years. Seriously mind blowing. I am glad I took him up on his offer a month ago. I didn’t know I could feel SO much better, like this.”

Bodhi Gee

For a better understanding of the benefits of alignment, please read the following information.

What is the difference between left and right brain thinking?

The left brain can be thought of as our male energy hemisphere, because it supports outward directed action, and is associated with analytical, linear, and logical thinking.

The right brain can be thought of as our female energy hemisphere because it supports intuition, creativity, and nurturance.

What happens when we are out of balance?

When we are out of balance, that is, when we get ‘stuck’ in either right or left brain thinking, we can experience mental discomfort and physical impairments. For example, when our left brain is dominant, we might start to focus on controlling people, places, and things.

This in turn can leave us feeling more out of control, reactive, sensitive, easily agitated, or even angry.

The physical effect of being out of alignment in this way, is that our bodies too are literally out of balance. This can manifest in symptoms such as physical tension, joint pain, headaches and general discomfort.

Balancing the energy flow from your brain back into your body is critical to physical success.

Mental and Spiritual Alignment

There are a variety of ways to achieve and maintain an integration of our right and left brain. One way is through mental or spiritual activities such as meditation, listening to calming music, admiring the beauty of the world, interacting with loved ones, or by taking the time to focus on peaceful, loving thoughts. When you do these things, your brain frequencies shift to the lower “Alpha” range, and you are gradually able to retrain and balance your hemispheres and consequently, bring more balance to your life.

Physical Alignment

Another way to achieve integration is to ensure that your physical body is aligned or balanced. The alignment technique that Adrian uses can assist the body in achieving a natural, balanced flow of energy, that in turn supports a more balanced state of mind.

Are you predominantly a left or right brain thinker?

If you are interested in seeing whether you are a “right brain”, “left brain” or an evenly balanced individual, you can take this short online inventory available on the Tennessee State University Website. Your test results may surprise you!

TSU Brain Balance Test

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